Why You Need This Program

Imagine you upgraded your future...What would your life look like? What if you could transform your presence, performance, and potential? Its time to optimize your future.

  • Income Growth

    Learn how to double your income and 10X your opportunity in the construction industry.

  • Career Growth

    Learn how to get promoted faster and multiply your opportunity.

  • Personal Certification

    Become a 6-figure decision-maker, decades sooner, without a red seal or college degree.

  • Personal Control

    STOP working on the tools in extreme weather conditions!

  • Job Security

    Learn how to control your job security and NEVER get laid off again.

What Do We Do In 7 Weeks?

We Help Tradesmen Multiply Their Income and 10X Their Opportunity by Increasing Their Value, Presence, and Connections On-Site Decades Sooner Without a Red Seal or College Degree


Get Access To The Diamond Tool Box!!!

The Diamond Tool Box is filled with unreleased lessons. We continually add lessons and resources to this tool box based on student feedback. After The Diamond Tool Box is full, it will be turned into a separate paid program for new students.

Course curriculum

    1. What do we do in 7 weeks?

    2. The process to become an UNLIMITED TRADESMAN

    3. What do you need to do to be successful in this course?

    4. The top three reasons why you might FAIL this course.

    5. A new beginning

    6. Share With The Network

    1. Why is the social hierarchy so important?

    2. What is status?

    3. High-status body language

    4. High-status eye contact

    5. High-status emotional control

    6. High-status dress

    7. High-status Attitude

    8. Going forward

    9. Week 1 challenges

    10. Share With The Network

    1. The unfair advantage

    2. The two feelings all humans long for

    3. Rapport and the art of hacking a tradesman’s world

    4. The value of building rapport with the right people

    5. Strategies to build rapport with anyone

    6. 4 Concepts that Turbocharge Connection and Relationships

    7. Week 2 Challenges

    8. Share With The Network

    1. You are who you know

    2. Why is creating a professional network so important?

    3. The 5 guiding principles of networking

    4. What are profitable connections?

    5. The absolute importance of first impressions

    6. The difference between limited tradesmen and unlimited

    7. How to increase your contacts with 4 simple steps

    8. How to keep track of connections and their contact information

    9. The BEST tool to keep track of your network

    10. What information should I track

    11. Week 3 Challenges

    12. Share With The Network

    1. Words are weapons

    2. High Status Voice

    3. The 6 steps before speaking in public

    4. The four critical speaking situations

    5. The best way to communicate and receive information

    6. How to eliminate imposture syndrome

    7. Upgrade your vocabulary

    8. Week 4 Challenges

    9. Share With The Network

    1. Choose the outcome

    2. Your path forward

    3. Strategies to help influence your outcomes and ideas!

    4. Get others saying yes, yes

    5. Deflect reasoning onto others

    6. Change positions

    7. Giving options

    8. Reframing

    9. Social Proof

    10. Flattery

    11. Fatigue

    12. WE instead of YOU

    13. Urgency

    14. Their stress is your success

    15. Week 5 Challenges

    16. Share With The Network

About this course

  • 104 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content